For those who want a screen with a heat shield effect.

Heat shielding + visibility reduction + airflow, all realized in a new type of screen

Heat Shielding

The metal-coated surface reflects sunlight and reduces the amount of solar heat.
This reduces excessive temperature rise near windows and contributes to the comfort of the entire room.

Numerous functions made possible by masa


Energy conservation measures

Preventing indoor temperature changes lets you use more effective temperature settings on the air conditioner, making it an effective way to conserve energy.
This would deliver huge savings when considering an entire office or building.

The development of environmentally friendly products and the reduction of environmental impact by the world's first nano-metal textile business (masa processing) has been recognized and awarded with the Aichi Environmental Award.

2016 Aichi Environmental Award Winner

From a unique technology that coats fibers with a metallic film (masa technology) comes the world's first metal coated textile product.
This product shows excellent environmental performance in terms of heat-shielding and has been praised as a significant contributor to energy conservation.

Effect Verification

Testing Contents

Optical performance tests were performed on ECO AIRIUS by The Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials.
Based on these results, thermal load was calculated* for installation of ECO AIRIUS in wooden homes, and the effects of thermal load reduction and indoor temperature reduction were evaluated.

*Thermal load calculations were calculated using a simulation program referencing the wooden home model of the Ministry of the Environment's 2012 Heat Island Mitigation Technology Field Verification "Technology to Reduce Air Conditioning Load from Outside".


Mirror (Visibility Reduction) Effect

This net protects your privacy using coated metallic particles that reflect sunlight, making it difficult to peek in from the outside during daytime, without darkening your room.
You can see the view from inside the room looking out, while still avoiding the glare of direct sunlight.

UV Blocking 69%

UV rays are blocked, protecting your decorations and furniture from sunburn and aging. It also protects people against harmful UV A as well as UV B rays.

Ventilation Effect + Mosquito Prevention Effect(Screen replacement)

Because it uses a net material, ECO AIRIUS is effective in letting wind pass.
It can be used in place of a screen when mounted to a window frame without a screen. The net material has a mesh even finer than ordinary screens, making it effective against mosquitoes and even smaller bugs.

Easy Care

(Dust doesn't stick and comes off easily)

The stainless metal nanocoating lets static elecricity generated by polyester materials escape, making it harder for dust to stick and easier to come off when it does.(internal research)


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