Founded April, 1931
Established April, 1936
President Hajime Nosetani
Capital 30 million yen
Sales 1.706 billion yen (2023/03)
Employees 82
Business Outline

Our original TESORO brand interior goods, a collection of luxury curtains, have a design and quality widely recognized in Europe and give brilliance to the customers' daily life.

Automotive parts

We supply interior parts for luxury vehicles including the base cloths for synthetic leathers. We also offer functional materials indispensable for increasingly intelligent vehicles fitted with touch screens for car navigation, etc.

Sporting and outdoor

Functional materials are useful for skiwear, diving suits and other products needing functional fabrics. We also support high-volume supply with excellent quality to leading apparel manufacturers and distributors.

Beauty and health

We supply materials for products that maintain consumer beauty and health such as parasols that block infrared and ultraviolet rays and body-shaping undergarments.

Household electric appliances

We manufacture filters for air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. In addition, functional materials originally intended for household electric appliances are now used for a wider range of products including personal digital appliances fitted with touch screens.

Agricultural materials

We supply rooftop greenery sheets and agricultural greenhouse materials. They have also been applied in the environmental and energy saving fields.


We use masa meshes, nano-metal coated functional textiles, as printing silk screens. They are suitable for face plates and precision printing.

Clean energy

Solar cells as a well known clean energy source with increasing global demand. Energy-saving roof shades also contribute to achieving a sustainable society.